I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering at Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir. In 2015, I was sent with an Erasmus Exchange Program and  I studied at Konstanz University Computer Science. 

I like interesting technology and science because it never fails to make the world a more interesting place. My other hobbies are game programming and design, playing video games (on these days my favorite is Minecraft 😀 ), watching fluffy cat and dog videos on the Internet. I like oil-painting, sometimes I sketch some illustrations and paintings in my free times. I can’t find so many times to do sports now but if I speak about past, I am an ex-swimmer. (Yeah I had muscles once upon a time) Just my swimming skills are rusty because of computer engineering. (always having snacks+coding+assignments+music)

I will try to write my posts in English, but some of them will be Turkish because there are many documents in English on Internet. So for this reason, for some topics there will be Turkish posts. If you want to know about posts in detail, you can send me a message via Contact section or comment below posts.